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Bad At Sports is a weekly podcast about contemporary art. Founded in 2005, focuses on presenting the practices of artists, curators, critics, dealers, various other arts professionals through an online audio format.
Bad at Sports: Episode 17 Death by Design

This show has at least 3 shows worth of material.

THIS WEEK: Michelle Maynard and Teena McClelland the ladies of Death by Design Co. talk about gore, guts, and their show at Gallery 400! Duncan, Richard and Amanda, rise above the fray and avoid saying snotty things about people related to a certain gallery space, once again, basking the entire time in the soft, warm glow of our moral superiority. Cassie Thornton checks in from NYC! We review Daniel Blanco's show at Flatfile. AND the year end wrap up. Duncan apologizes to the OODA group for being a jerk. We throw down the gauntlet to Liz Armstrong who is writing the Chicago Anti-Social column in the Reader. Duncan hates Anne Goldstein. More singing by all.

People name dropped: Daniel Blanco, Michael Asher, Michael Workman, Philip von Zweck, Paul Klein, David Coyle, Mark Booth, Naughty Candy, Bruce Campbell, Jim Faulkner, Jasper Johns, The Booms, David Robbins (WHO IS NOT connected to Death by Design, honest, really, seriously, no foolin'), Readymade Magazine, Stan Shellabarger, Dan Flavin, Scott Speh, Brittney Spears, and Richard offers free legal assistance to Kevin Federline, as he will need it and so so much more.

NEXT WEEK: The always controversial and busy Michael Workman, New City art critic, NOVA front man, Art Fair impresario, freelance writer and 92 other things talks about the art biz, pissing people off, the state of the Chicago art scene, and what the future holds, not to be missed! Duncan, Richard and Amanda talk about Maximum Wage! We might even have a piece by a second NYC contributor despite the fact they are too damn rude to spend 1 second and figure out what my name is before they write to us.

Links may follow eventually, Duncan has gone back to the motherland.
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For those of you new to the show!

We gained about 5 gazillion listeners with the holiday show, hopefully you will stick around

If you are new to the show, please download a few episodes and check them out, we have done some great interviews and hopefully lots of funny other stuff!

We are working hard to be a grass-roots resource for people in the arts, we have bureaus in New York, London, and San Francisco.

If you want to get involved, contact us! If you want to be added to our mailing list send us an e-mail at


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Bad at Sports : 16 Holiday Show!

Bad at Sports Art Review
Episode 16: Our First Annual Holiday Special

Ho ho ho! We are starting official traditions for our show: the first annual holiday special!!!

And,DON'T MISS IT: Be sure to check out the nice press mention about Bad at Sports in this week's New City!


Yes, as promised, the holiday special show! Lots of great yuletide music for your egg-nog-drinking pleasure. While the majority of funny, holiday-related songs are Christmas oriented, I did find one fairly obvious and hilarious Hanukkah song, and a song or two that are utterly secular. Sadly, the few other novelty Hanukkah songs I could find were either not funny or offensive in a way that isn't funny, so the Jewish audience gets one small musical nod of the head. (I tried!)

And, for NEXT WEEK:

Back to the art biz! Death by Design! Damn! And despite the fact that Gallery 400 has worked to sully our good name, we rise above and still give them press, basking the entire time in the soft, warm glow of our moral superiority.

This archive has been taken offline, check in next year for more holiday mirth!

Happy Holidays
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Bad at Sports : Episode 15

Holy crap did we have a hard time posting this!
Libsyn is giving me a rash, it shouldn't take 8 f-ing hours and 29 tries to upload a file.


Britton Bertran (head honcho at 40000) and Brian Andrews (mean listener, etc.) talk to Duncan and Richard about Brian's new show. Britton throws down the gauntlet to the world at large, proclaiming that he is in Chicago to stay. Brian talks about being delighted to be back in Chicago to trudge through 6 inches of gray slush.

Reviews! Duncan, Richard, and Amanda Browder review Michelle Faust at 65 Grand, The Promised Land show at Wendy Cooper including Dan Attoe, Tim Barber, Chris Dorland, Kim Krans, Jin Lee, Sabine Linse, Shona Macdonald, Nancy Mladenoff, AND the OODA Group, AND, if that weren't enough we review new work from Melissa Pokorny and Paul Nudd at Bodybuilder and Sportsman.

And we name drop: the West Town Gallery Network, NOVA, Michael Workman, Paul Klein, Bill Gross, Nevin Tomlinson, Thomas Blackman, Thomas Kincaid, and our pal David Michael Coyle.

Wendy Cooper Gallery
Dan Attoe
Shona MacDonald
Melissa Pokorny
Paul Nudd
Body Builder and Sportsman
ooda group

West Town Gallery
Western Exhibitions
Brian Andrews
Michael Workman
NOVA Art Gallery
Paul Klien
65 Grand
Bill Gross
Nevin Tomlinson
Tomas Blackman
Thomas Kincaid
David Michael Coyle


Duncan and Richard save the holidays! We have put together a wacky collection of funny and non-funny holiday songs. Hate the holidays? I know I do, so we'll make sure you are filled with the milk of human kindness by these jolly little ditties.
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Okay, so we here at Bad at Sports get some weird mail. BUT this one is worth posting, it is from some guy who runs a sports blog, who linked to us because he seemingly thought we were a sports podcast. I just tried to pull it up and it wasn't working, but if it comes up, it is pretty funny to see us amongst the sports fan sites.

FROM: Drew Blake
Dec 2

hey, just thought i'd let yall know that your blogs are sweet and i linked them to my new one, The Land of Cleve. I would be happy if you link me on your link lists as well:

also, you mostly have accounts.....they must be tits

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Bad at Sports : 14 REVIEWORAMA


Reviews, reviews, reviews!!! Our London correspondents Ben Tanner and Christian Kuras make their fabulous debut and review the UK version of "Universal Experience: Art, Life, and the Tourist's Eye," which began its life on this earth at our very own MCA. Brian Andrews, our West Coast rep, is back to tell us what is wrong with the art scene in San Francisco. Duncan and Richard review "On the Scene: Jessica Rowe, Jason Salavon, Brian Ulrich," and then they check out The Museum of Contemporary Photography's new shows "Jeffrey A. Wolin: Inconvenient Stories" and "Stages of Memory: The War in Vietnam." And if THAT weren't enough, Duncan and Richard argue about whether or not Rodney Graham is full of BS after sitting through his lecture. The last song in this week's show goes out from Richard to Scott Speh.

On the Scene: Jessica Rowe, Jason Salavon, Brian Ulrich
The Museum of Contemporary Photography
Rodney Graham
Universal Experience
SF links are to follow.


We lied last week. THIS COMING WEEK, we will chat with our West Coast correspondent Brian Andrews and Britton Bertran from Gallery 40000. We'll do some other stuff too, who knows! Soon our New York City reporter, the lovely and talented Cassie Thornton, will check in with her first report, maybe next week.


Duncan and Richard save the holidays! We have put together a wacky collection of funny and non-funny holiday songs. Hate the holidays? I know I do, so we'll make sure you are filled with the milk of human kindness by these jolly little ditties. Also we would like to throw out an open call to anyone who has funny Hanukah and/or Kwanza songs. Let us know--there is a serious lack of said genre of songs, and we'd love to give equal time.

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Bad at Sports : Lucky 13!


Reviews, reviews, reviews!!! Tropicalia at the MCA, the non-art art show at Loyola, A bunch of stuff at the Cultural Center and more!

Singing hosts, great music cues, mirth, mayhem, and music. Special guest, writer, critic, and giant of consciousness Joanna Topor mocks "author" Rick Moody's talk at the MCA and suffers the slings and arrows of my comedic editing. Styx!!! Holy guacamole! Who could ask for anything more?

Museum of Contemporary Art
Water Tower of Art
Cultural Center Chicago
LUMA or Loyola University Museum of Art


I have no freaking idea. I think our West Coast correspondent Brian Andrews will be in town to shill for his forthcoming show at 40000. Why am I the only person on this show not in the queue for a show at 40000? Clearly I don't say enough nice things about Britton Bertran (I love you Britton!).

Links to follow whenever Duncan gets around to it...

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Bad at Sports : Episode 12 Michelle Grabner!

Michelle Grabner! We show up with bagels and coffee to interview artist, critic, gallerist, teacher, and writer Michelle Grabner in her Oak Park Studio.

Michelle has written criticism for more magazines than I can comfortably count, and shown her work internationally. We talk about her career, the't find a decent solo show to review for Art Forum.

The Suburban
244 West Lake Street
Oak Park, IL 60302
tel: 708.763.8554
Hours Saturday: 12-5

And as if that discussion isn't enough to fuel thoughtful conversation for weeks and provide enough grist for the intellectual mill, Duncan and I review current shows. And, for the first time, we completely, utterly, and collectively dislike something!

We review the Hyde Park Art Center's new show of James Faulkner's work, the Smart Museum's exhibition Beyond Green: Toward a Sustainable Art, the Illinois State Museum Chicago Gallery's show Art in the Abstract, and the Renaissance Society's exhibition All the Pretty Corpses.

Links etc. to follow soon!

South Park
Michelle Grabner Rocket Gallery
Shane Campbell Gallery
3 Walls

Illinois State
Project Row House
Beverly Art Center
Hyde Park Art Center
The Ren

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Libsyn, who hosts our stuff has really been a pain in our collective Bad at Sports ass this week, so many of you tried to download last weeks show had trouble, we're sorry, they suck, we will beat them up as soon as we can find their offices. Don't forget to download Episode #10, good stuff!


We really will get back to reviews at some point, but there is just too much to talk about in the interview department! Lou Mallozzi, Executive Director of the Experimental Sound Studio, artist, and educator, talks about the Open Ear Festival of Sound (November 13, 2005 - December 15, 2005) and the 20th Anniversary of ESS! Also, Duncan talks to Jonathan Rhodes Executive Director of Three-Walls about Nato Thompson's lecture on Art Activist Communities. We talk about why Scott Speh hates Canadians. Duncan and Richard sing a duet!!

If you miss this you will have nothing to discuss around the water cooler next week, loser!

More links to follow!

The Experimental Sound Studio
Mass. MoCA

While we didn't get achance to talk about it this week, go check out Art in the Abstract, one of a couple really kick-ass shows at the Illinois State Museum, which I honestly had forgotten about until I was blundering around the Thompson Center trying to find a form for something. Okay, city dwellers, all you have to do is get off at Clark and Lake on the Blue line, go up to the second floor, and BLAMMO, kickass Illinois-artist-made abstract art throughout history. Go see this, this is the best use of my tax dollars I've seen!!

Illinois State Museum-Art in the Abstract
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Terror! Mayhem! Plagues! Fires!!!

This week's show had to endure horrors beyond description, those of you conversational with me know what woe has befallen the kingdom, but dammit, the show goes on!

This week: The Alliance of Pentaphilic Curators! Duncan reviews a book! 10 seconds of Shannon Stratton! A whole interview got cut because the artist didn't like what they had to say!!! A record review I recorded a month ago!!!!!! Wow, that's a lot of show for your podcasting dollar.

Gallery 400
Nato Thompson
Ted Hiebert's Post Human suggestion

LASTLY, yeah yeah I'm a jackass and I screwed up...

Contrary to our press release, next week Jonathan from threewalls, not Jeff from threewalls, will discuss smart people things with duncan on the pod. I goofed.

Jonathan wants all the fame and glory that bad at sports will inevitably bring him!!!
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